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There is one Primary Idea associated with the band’s approach towards music making that we want to form part of the perception about us …That is also significantly projected through this Debut Album

The bottom line is that we don’t want to stick to one fixed and particular form, genre or style rigidly... We would like to call it, or rather this attitude, as LIBERO METAL... and it would signify for us the idea of being liberated from all pre-existing forms of styles and specific and stereotypical habits of generic consciousness..

To kind of simplify this whole idea in order to understand it better…let’s say that, if we have been influenced by a varied kind of METAL music styles…we would not deliberately and hypocritically stop ourselves from getting inspired by all of them. We would definitely let all those styles flow into our creative consciousnesses, no matter how different they may be from each other.. and won’t say things like “how can we play this Riff coz we are not Death Metal!! How can we play this beat as we are Technical Thrash Metal that, how do we do that groove coz we are Metalcore this, how do we growl as we are neo-classical What??”

The idea is to create without any restrictions and without having pre-determined identities decided for ourselves...The amalgamation of all these myriad influences should create something Unique, Nice, Beautiful, Valuable, Sensible, Meaningful, Worthwhile and most importantly COHERENT and the only criteria for us is that a track should sound right and perfect to us.. and THAT’S IT!! And ya, get LIBERATED from all preconceived, predetermined and pre-decided identities!!


released December 28, 2012

The Album was recorded at Lucid Recess Studios, Guwahati...Recording at Lucid Recess with Siddharth Barooa and Amitabh Barooa was an absolutely homely affair for all of us as we have been friends from a long time.. the guys are super cool and their presence itself ensures great performances by all in the studio....the guys are amazing and great at coming up with superbly creative ideas which has helped us intensely in the recording process...

The album was Mixed & Mastered by Zorran Mendonsa, at New Zealand...Working with the Prodigal Producer was a blessing, considering this is our very first record...The sound created by him for this Album is Huge, Dynamic and full of Magnificent Projection.... which was exactly the kind of sound we had been dreaming of, considering it is almost fanciful for a band to dream of achieving that kind of sound without such a gifted producer with such magical skills....Throughout the making of this record, Mr Mendonsa has been deeply motivating, inspiring and has been our friend, philosopher and guide...



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Rectified Spirit Guwahati, India

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Track Name: To Hold A Sabre

The wind blows the sand on the tomb
That holds my bones within
Can you hear the footsteps carried by
The wind in the night?

These bones do not rise anymore
And I see the hour of impending doom
This is the time when I command
You to hold a sabre...

I once wielded on the mighty shores
Drove the enemy out that vanished in thin air
The men that I once led, did they pass on
The pride to the clan?

The land drank the blood of its sons
To breed braver men
Does the blood still flow in the veins
Of the men the land has bred?
The sand from the foreign land
Has reached the gate of my tomb
Why can’t I hear the boiling blood
In the veins of my clan?

Where are the men that held my pride?
That held the oars wielding the swords
The time has come for me to command
You to hold a sabre, I command...

Hold a fistful of sand
Behold the land that’s your pride
Rise my men now for this land
Hold a sabre I command….
Track Name: Bloodrush

They are coming fast, they are coming now
As the rush of blood to the head is over
Red painted hands that seek to purge
The bad colours, they touch his alter

Is it the fear of iron bars that plague
Or infernal horrors that make them shiver?
’Coz what the sinner and the sinned have in common
Their souls can’t rest in peace ever

Scream out loud for redemption
Or try out forgiveness
But they don’t come in tandem
So make your choice now final

It was a bloodrush isle
Unending as the old Nile
Entered that old land
Through a valve on its gate

It was a bloodrush isle
Mortal men can’t resile
Until the bloodrush is over
It was a bloodrush isle, it was a bloodrush isle

If ever I am forgiven by the one I sinned
Will that forgiveness wash away these stains?
These stains dig deeper into this black heart
And this black heart won’t just die with me

So let me embrace the hell that’s in my head
Let this hell purge my sins before I die
I am not afraid anymore of the hell in the old scriptures
’Coz the hell inside my head torments me even more

There’s a beast in all of us
There’s nobility even in evil
The day that turned itself into the dark night
Comes again from the heart of that dark night
Track Name: Paradigm Lost


“They keep the peace for themselves
And throw out the violence to others”


“Roll them out, out on the road
Let each one hear this warning tone
Flash the lenses, let the headlines scream
We don’t catch anyone alive
We are immune from the black letter
(Can the soul be made a plaything....)
The more the powder falls, (.... by men)
We add to our badges”


“The news of their kill have become
The prayers in the morning
They are breeding awards
For each of their kill
These murders are without a trial
Or do I exaggerate?
Is the silence of this hour
Waiting for the rooster?

Is the origin of this thought the ego of mine?
Or is it my habit of indulging in deep thought?

Bleak is the world for the sick man
Even when the sun burns the brightest
So I see my calling to become the bird
That wakes the ones with their eyes wide shut
I am not the kind who embraces death
But your silence is all the more killing
None is more mysterious than humans
Who are attuned only to pleasant news

The license to kill has replaced the fragrance
Of the flowers with the smell of blood
I lie on the bed watching this decay
Under the vigil of the watchmen

This fight will last till the bees find their hive
And we find out lost paradigm”


“This venture is taken by the fair one
Who has resolved to know no rest ”


“My desires are frozen in the depths of my soul
But I’ll die if that can awaken the millions
The dark clouds will pass away
As the darkness won’t bind us
And god will guide us
Towards the path we believe in”
Track Name: The Magician's Birthday

Once in four years comes his birthday
The white bearded magician’s birthday
He has thrown that big old party
We have been invited

Stories and memories of innocence
That lay buried in snowy mountains
We have kept locked in our senses
They will be unlocked in his presence

I board a homebound train
To a place that’s been long lost
It’s speeding to that old station
Where magic will come alive
These mountain paths haven’t changed
They’ll still lead me back home
As I land on a deserted platform
Someone comes out of the fog

There stands the magician
With his old hat and gown
It’s hard to tell if he’s waving at me
Or his hands trembling with the years
But still he dons that magical smile
That filled our hearts with laughter
And the spell of wonder he cast
That’ been lost with the years

Back in the hills by the fireside
The smell of the grass sends me to a trance
I hear a few familiar footsteps
Yeah it’s Jimmy and Janice

As all the others join in
We all sit around the bonfire
It’s time again for the magical stories
With apple wine and round pan cakes

Those memories are now so vivid
When there was magic in the rain
Snowfalls across the valley
Spellbinding our hearts like the hills
Now in our minds we’ve become stronger
Yet something had changed in our hearts
Tonight I feel it surrounding us again
We’d lost the laughter in our hearts

How we forgot to stare
At the cotton balls and the blue umbrella
That’s getting thinner and thinner
Through the skyscrapers tall
How our hearts were filled with sadness
The day innocence was abandoned
How we lost the eyes that saw the magic
In being alive in this world

The years have shaken his steady hard gaze
That fixed us with a magical spell
We see the same yearning in his eyes
For the innocence we had forsaken
That turned the clouds into cotton balls
And the sky to a blue umbrella

How we used to stare at the calendars
Looking for his birthday every year
Thought he used to vanish it with his hands
Oh what a magical birthday it used to be
But he can see that yearning in our eyes
For the magic he spread in our lives ?

As he lay in his arm chair
He called us all to his side
Then he whispered something in our ears
It passed into our souls forever

Who can forget the smile
That spread on his face as he looked at us
It just set our hearts free again
To look at the child within
Who can forget the words
He spoke again and again as he looked at us
He spoke thus as he set our hearts
Free to be true again

“We all come from a world
That’s so much filled with magic
That has filled us with this spirit
Bringing us alive in this world
And isn’t it so strange how
I knew this from so long
I’ll be surrounded by your innocence
As I close my eyes with a smile”
Track Name: Rectified Spirit

Spread, across the world of those
Men, I have the tight grip of my
Hands, that rule them for life is my
Empire of crime but now he
Still, chooses to fight with
Grit and determination of
Steel, assisted by reason and
Will power to overpower my
Grip, that will never lose its
Force, that intensifies with
Time, as the struggle goes on
Forever and ever

I (...and I) spent my whole life
Fighting this great tide
Sometimes I feel like swimming with
What’s this force? Inside of me?
That inspires me to resist
All the waves of the tide

Stretched, beyond the point of sanity his
Mind, starting to paralyse his
Will, dissociates the union of
Reason and passion that keeps him
Aligned, and pointed to his
Object, that is so abstract and
Intangible that I could never ever
Scrutinise and recognise what’s deep
Within, residing in his mortal
Frame, named by some of them as
Soul, that keeps his integrity
And purity and sanity ever bound

I (... and I) spent my whole life
Seeing these two sides
Play the game in my mind
That’s been torn by
This pull that’s constant and so consistent
That I could never reflect on myself

Ruining everything around is my
Drive, eternally it’s been my
Essence, that can’t be separated from the
Core what’s more is the strange thing that
I, can’t just stop being who I
Am, he can’t stop being who he
Is, and this will go on till
Eternity and infinity, that’s the
Paradox, of our existence and of our
Being, resisting each other over
Obstinately, changing him into the
Rectified Spirit he’s become
Track Name: There Is No Tomorrow

Thousands of rivers have frozen inside this old dragon on earth
As the lazy poison has settled in these dead streams
That once were raging loud
Darkness is spreading its cloak over the ancient labyrinth
Blinding the dragon’s eyes lit by perpetual fires
A tunnel leads down and deeper into the abyss

Is the darkness an exile?
Or the gate to another hell?
As the black embrace surrounds
The eyes that can’t unveil
They can’t see that there is no tomorrow...
As the lights merge into the shadows

Deep in the heart of darkness shines a bright mirror in air
Shooting myriads of arrows from its surface to the dark
That surrounds the old blind eyes
Then from the core an arrow came racing ahead
Piercing the dragon’s eyes with a scorching light
The mirror shone bright and tall before his eyes

He sees a vision he’s known
From the old infinite past
Spirals of endless fear
Drawing in his immortal soul
He can’t see that there’s no tomorrow...
And the dragon sinks into the void

Inside the blazing fire rages
It saw the darkness through the ages
And remained always unvanquished
Now the flames burn higher and higher
And the soul regains immortality

Thousands of rivers have molten from the blazing fire within
And the lazy poison is now released from its streams
And the dragon bids farewell
To the sleep in tomorrow’s bed in a sheet of oblivion
And rode the long spirals of unending fears
And the dragon rose from the coils of the abyss

In the bright skies above
Are inscribed in eternal light
Words for the warrior’s eyes
They say, “ The moment is now and you’ll see
That there is no tomorrow”
He can see that there is no tomorrow....
Track Name: Where The Ashes Fell

The skies will remain bright
Still the day will look like night
Some will then thank their Gods
Some will then curse their Gods

Five less than a dozen
Have clocks that run in unison
Will make glasses fly into air
Dead carbon will lie still on the ground

Turn the lights on, fill the barrels
See the foot steps, sense the metals
The reign of fire is getting closer
Stop the hour of ignition
Or ask “Where were you on Black Thursday?”

Where the ashes fell down the river lane
A beast was unbound, it snarled at my face
Where the ashes fell down the river lane
My deafened ears didn’t hear my cries
Where the ashes fell down the river lane
My brother’s blood turned to black paint
Where the ashes fell down the river lane
An old woman froze into a civil death

The State is the end of anarchy
Or shall we ask, “Is there a difference?”
Queries are our ancient expertise
And the silver tongue we speak in the lounges

The shine in the belted uniforms
It will never protect the sovereign
The hands tied hard with the red tapes
They spill the red blood of our brethren

Seal the frontiers, mark your own men
’Coz this aggression is subliminal
Put the floodlights on the hideouts
And take no one to your prisons
Or gather the aftermath of Black Thursday

The setting sun turned as
Red as my brother’s blood
These deep
Sink deep into the river
Track Name: Vengeance

These cuts run deeper than the wounds that repeat like history
They immigrate into the land of treacherous memory
This primordial pain never ran into oblivion
Those soft murmurs of poetic justice are an old legend
Whisper of an insomniac voice becomes subliminal
It draws wide ripples in the placid lake with a heavy stone

In the dead of the night, all that I hear
Is the voice scratching in and the walls closing in
Do I bear this pain? Let the wound remain?
What if there’s no God? Will the wounds ever heal?

Aaaaaaa….vengeance is deep or religion?
Aaaaaaa….vengeance is deep as religion
Aaaaaaa….vengeance is deeper or religion?
Aaaaaaa….justice is just a legend

The eyes that departed left a look that won’t leave
They tie me in endless hours without sleep
Their pain and sorrow…they strangle my soul
What do they seek and what is my call?

Why is there no sign for me to know my calling?
How do I avenge the eyes I could never read?
Why is this torment unleashed to the bounds of insanity?
The eyes are desolate to the end of infinity
Track Name: Until We Expire

Crashing wheels set the road on fire
The road that’s burning our souls
And putting bodies into motion
Is infinite in length and invincible
As the halogens push
The big horizons we’re forewarned that

We won’t have a time for a breather
As we start to jump out of our leathers
Coz there’s a clause in the contract that we signed
We are gonna play until we expire ....

Photons illuminate the resounding resilience
As the roaring hits our hearts
Through the eardrums about to break
We get to sense immortality
Through a haze of raising hands
Their deep unseen touch
Will bless our souls for eternity but....
Track Name: Mother


It’s been a while since I’ve come back home
I see her face buried deep in the ground
People say she cries sometimes
When the witch wails out in the forest

I see her disappear every night
Into the forest out of our sight
The operations are going in the forest she knows
Yet the wails draw her every night into the forest

It’s been a while since the troops have landed down
Gun shots roam every time around
And the witch’s wails are growing louder
And louder in the forest

People say the witch has been laid to rest
But how can they kill what can’t be killed?
She is crying a lot more tonight
She has gone and lost in the forest

As the daylight falls down on the woods
We find the witch wrapped around in her arms
“The witch was sent to an exile…” she said
“My son you were born of the same blood”

In your desperation mother you sighed
In your deepest sorrow mother you cried
In your deepest love mother you lied
No one’s ever reached the bottom of your heart


My son asked me not to see his friends at school
He said that I scare them away
They think that I’m a little evil
They don’t know it’s just that I lost an eye

So I come back and wait
For him to return home to return to his mom
To return home

My son he is now out of school
He says he needs to stand on his own
My son asked me to send him out of town
He says he will be back when he earns a dime

So I sit back and wait
For him to return home, to return to his mom
To return home

My son, I heard, has now a family
I go to see his kids with the gifts that I bought
His kids screamed as they thought that I’m a little evil
My son asked me why did I scare them away ...

So I come back and wait
For him to return home, to return to his mom
To return home

My son has not seen me for a while
And I feel my time is a little bit near
So I wrote to him of the times when he was a kid
He lost his eye, had to give mine and I was not evil

And I loved him to the last and waited
For him to return home, to return to his mom
To return home


Once upon a time a man had gone out of his fortune
He had gone to the devil to make
A deal to gain what he lost
The devil said he would have to bring
The heart of a woman who was pure
A heart where there’s not an end
To the love for him to the end

He could not remember if he was ever loved like that
The devil asked why couldn’t he for once think of his mother
He said he was away from his mother for a long time
He ran home in desperation ...saw his mother in her sleep

While returning with his mother’s heart
He fell down on the doorstep of the devil
A cry came out of the heart and it said
“My son, did you get hurt ?
Be careful of the steps when you get inside.”