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This song deals with guilt. Many times people do despicable things and commit sins under a rush of blood to their heads when they surrender to their more primitive animalistic instincts. But just when it’s done, only then does one realise that the guilt that follows will have to be borne only by the human being inside. That’s what bloodrush does to us. It is the time when the sinner prefers redemption rather than forgiveness and the thing that is common between the sinner and the sinned is that none of their sould can rest in peace. That is the dichotomy or paradox of Bloodrush.



They are coming fast, they are coming now
As the rush of blood to the head is over
Red painted hands that seek to purge
The bad colours, they touch his alter

Is it the fear of iron bars that plague
Or infernal horrors that make them shiver?
’Coz what the sinner and the sinned have in common
Their souls can’t rest in peace ever

Scream out loud for redemption
Or try out forgiveness
But they don’t come in tandem
So make your choice now final

It was a bloodrush isle
Unending as the old Nile
Entered that old land
Through a valve on its gate

It was a bloodrush isle
Mortal men can’t resile
Until the bloodrush is over
It was a bloodrush isle, it was a bloodrush isle

If ever I am forgiven by the one I sinned
Will that forgiveness wash away these stains?
These stains dig deeper into this black heart
And this black heart won’t just die with me

So let me embrace the hell that’s in my head
Let this hell purge my sins before I die
I am not afraid anymore of the hell in the old scriptures
’Coz the hell inside my head torments me even more

There’s a beast in all of us
There’s nobility even in evil
The day that turned itself into the dark night
Comes again from the heart of that dark night


from RECTIFIED SPIRIT, track released December 28, 2012
Samudragupta Dutta/ Rainjong Lepcha/ Himangshu Borah/ Imtiayz Alam



all rights reserved


Rectified Spirit Guwahati, India

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