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This song is about the inherent virtue of sacrifice that motherhood is endowed with, which is also our first lesson in sacrifice that we learn in our lives.




It’s been a while since I’ve come back home
I see her face buried deep in the ground
People say she cries sometimes
When the witch wails out in the forest

I see her disappear every night
Into the forest out of our sight
The operations are going in the forest she knows
Yet the wails draw her every night into the forest

It’s been a while since the troops have landed down
Gun shots roam every time around
And the witch’s wails are growing louder
And louder in the forest

People say the witch has been laid to rest
But how can they kill what can’t be killed?
She is crying a lot more tonight
She has gone and lost in the forest

As the daylight falls down on the woods
We find the witch wrapped around in her arms
“The witch was sent to an exile…” she said
“My son you were born of the same blood”

In your desperation mother you sighed
In your deepest sorrow mother you cried
In your deepest love mother you lied
No one’s ever reached the bottom of your heart


My son asked me not to see his friends at school
He said that I scare them away
They think that I’m a little evil
They don’t know it’s just that I lost an eye

So I come back and wait
For him to return home to return to his mom
To return home

My son he is now out of school
He says he needs to stand on his own
My son asked me to send him out of town
He says he will be back when he earns a dime

So I sit back and wait
For him to return home, to return to his mom
To return home

My son, I heard, has now a family
I go to see his kids with the gifts that I bought
His kids screamed as they thought that I’m a little evil
My son asked me why did I scare them away ...

So I come back and wait
For him to return home, to return to his mom
To return home

My son has not seen me for a while
And I feel my time is a little bit near
So I wrote to him of the times when he was a kid
He lost his eye, had to give mine and I was not evil

And I loved him to the last and waited
For him to return home, to return to his mom
To return home


Once upon a time a man had gone out of his fortune
He had gone to the devil to make
A deal to gain what he lost
The devil said he would have to bring
The heart of a woman who was pure
A heart where there’s not an end
To the love for him to the end

He could not remember if he was ever loved like that
The devil asked why couldn’t he for once think of his mother
He said he was away from his mother for a long time
He ran home in desperation ...saw his mother in her sleep

While returning with his mother’s heart
He fell down on the doorstep of the devil
A cry came out of the heart and it said
“My son, did you get hurt ?
Be careful of the steps when you get inside.”


from RECTIFIED SPIRIT, track released December 28, 2012
Samudragupta Dutta/ Rainjong Lepcha



all rights reserved


Rectified Spirit Guwahati, India

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