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The song centres around the theme of re-incarnation and sort of tries to convey an idea that the human soul is in the perennial cycle of evolving and rectifying itself and each human birth that it takes, is only a stage in that never-ending process wherein, the soul puts into effect the lessons learnt from all its previous births and becomes a RECTIFIED SPIRIT.



Spread, across the world of those
Men, I have the tight grip of my
Hands, that rule them for life is my
Empire of crime but now he
Still, chooses to fight with
Grit and determination of
Steel, assisted by reason and
Will power to overpower my
Grip, that will never lose its
Force, that intensifies with
Time, as the struggle goes on
Forever and ever

I (...and I) spent my whole life
Fighting this great tide
Sometimes I feel like swimming with
What’s this force? Inside of me?
That inspires me to resist
All the waves of the tide

Stretched, beyond the point of sanity his
Mind, starting to paralyse his
Will, dissociates the union of
Reason and passion that keeps him
Aligned, and pointed to his
Object, that is so abstract and
Intangible that I could never ever
Scrutinise and recognise what’s deep
Within, residing in his mortal
Frame, named by some of them as
Soul, that keeps his integrity
And purity and sanity ever bound

I (... and I) spent my whole life
Seeing these two sides
Play the game in my mind
That’s been torn by
This pull that’s constant and so consistent
That I could never reflect on myself

Ruining everything around is my
Drive, eternally it’s been my
Essence, that can’t be separated from the
Core what’s more is the strange thing that
I, can’t just stop being who I
Am, he can’t stop being who he
Is, and this will go on till
Eternity and infinity, that’s the
Paradox, of our existence and of our
Being, resisting each other over
Obstinately, changing him into the
Rectified Spirit he’s become


from RECTIFIED SPIRIT, track released December 28, 2012
Samudragupta Dutta/ Rainjong Lepcha/ Himangshu Borah/ Gitartha Goswami



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Rectified Spirit Guwahati, India

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